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PSI engineers include individuals experience with the broad range of applications for dose rate calculations and shielding analyses.  Our staff includes individuals with decades of experience in the areas of health physics and radiation protection, as well as nuclear engineering support for analyses of criticality accident alarm systems (CAAS).   We have developed the technical basis for those systems under NRC and DOE.  For example, recent work includes the extensive use of MCNP6 to provide the complete technical basis for the CAAS design for all facilities being designed for the UPF project in Oak Ridge, TN.  The analyses involve robust application of variance reduction methods in MCNP6 to establish:

  • detector placement according to ANSI/ANS-8.3 requirements to detect the minimum accident of concern,

  • the dose profiles inside and outside facilities to support emergency planning and immediate evacuation,

  • the radiation tolerance of the system given the maximum anticipated yield and worst-case location.

PSI personnel have experience with the design and implementation of legacy CAAS systems, Canberra systems, and CIDAS systems.