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PSI provides unsurpassed services and we deliver premium value to our clients. We uphold the highest standards of integrity in our actions. PSI has earned the reputation of being a top-notch provider of engineering services in the industry.

Nuclear Safety & Regulatory Support

  • Nuclear Criticality Safety (NCS)

  • Validation and Verification of Safety Basis Code Packages

  • Dose and Shielding Evaluations / Calculations

  • Hazards / Accident Analysis

  • Documented Safety Analysis

  • Integrated Safety Analysis

  • Technical Safety Requirement Development

  • Nuclear Material Control and Accountability

  • Assessments and Audits

  • Human Performance Improvement


PSI is a world-leader in NCS analysis. We have over 20 years’ experience providing Nuclear Safety and Regulatory Support to both NRC and DOE regulated facilities. Our reputation for providing high quality support is demonstrated by the satisfaction our customers which is expressed by their long-term reliance on PSI. A robust safety culture is crucial to safe and efficient operation at nuclear facilities. The PSI team of experienced professionals performs extensive safety culture reviews to identify weakness in the traits used to define a positive safety culture.

Engineering Services

  • Design Engineering

  • Fire Protection Engineering

  • Radiation Protection Engineering

  • Non-Destructive Assay Engineering


PSI offers various engineering services. Our staff have developed new and novel equipment and processes for customers that have solved issues where other have failed. PSI’s overarching philosophy of ensuring safety through simple and efficient operation is extremely valuable when applied to design solutions with NCS or NS requirements (built into the solution from ground up). We rely on industry knowledge and technical expertise of our staff and provide innovative solutions that are safe, reliable, and cost effective.

Management Services & IT Services

  • Management Services & IT Services

  • Program Management

  • Project Management

  • Technical Writing

  • IT Applications Development

PSI offers general program/project management services applicable to all disciplines, such as Scheduling, Cost Analysis, Earned Value, Project Risk Management, Value Engineering, and Training. We have several team members who served in program management and project management roles in support of U.S. Department Energy projects. The staff includes individuals who have served as Engineering Manager, NCS Manager, Nuclear Safety Manager, Radiation Protection Manager and Protect Manager. Additionally, PSI can provide the client with all levels of technical and administrative services including technical writing, document controls, Records Management functions, and IT Applications Development. PSI’s management team has extensive first-hand experience in the development and management of safety programs and projects.

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